Researchers Explore Memory Complications Linked to Parkinsons: FRIDAY.

4, 2015 – – Many people who have Parkinson’s disease possess memory space problems, researchers report. The study included 40 people with early stage Parkinson’s disease and 40 healthy older adults. While the disease can be regarded as a motion disorder generally, about half of the Parkinson’s individuals had difficulty with some facet of memory, such as learning and retaining information, or recalling spoken details, the investigators found. ‘And then half of those participants, or nearly one-quarter of all participants with Parkinson’s, were having a difficult time consistently with their memory really, enough that it would be noticeable to other people,’ said study author Jared Tanner.Center transplant centers and the Brisbane, Calif.-based biotech company XDx, measures the expression levels of 11 genes from a affected individual's bloodstream sample, each of which is known to be associated with rejection risk. ‘The AlloMap was the first FDA-cleared test allowing transplant centers to rule out rejection during the check out,’ Deng said. ‘But until now, it hasn’t been utilized to predict long term events.’ The current study is based on data originally collected by leading transplant centers and released in the New England Journal of Medication in 2010 2010. For that study, 600 heart transplant recipients had been randomly assigned to be monitored for potential episodes of rejection either through schedule biopsy or through the AlloMap test. The study discovered that AlloMap was as effectual as biopsy at detecting rejection or dysfunction equally, and it resulted in increased patient satisfaction since it was less invasive.