Researchers studied a lot more than 2.

The five most common predictors of violence were: confusion/cognitive impairment, panic, agitation, shouting/demanding and a past background of physical aggression. The ABRAT included a number of products from the M55 tool, found in general acute care and attention previously. It also drew on the STAMP idea, published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing in 2007, which covers eyes and staring contact, tone and volume of voice, anxiety, pacing and mumbling.Vaccine Efficacy against Serious and Clinical Malaria in the Older Age Category During 12 weeks of follow-up in the first 6000 kids in the older age category, the incidence of the only or first bout of clinical malaria meeting the principal case definition was 0.44 per person-year in the RTS,S/AS01 group and 0.83 per person-season in the control group, producing a vaccine efficacy of 55.8 percent in the Older Age group Category.).