Researchers worked with 30 elderly subjects: 15 healthy adults and 15 with MCI.

After the training areas of the brain in elderly patients with MCI showed increased activation in areas typically associated with memory, but also in new areas of the brain, usually with natural language processing, spatial and object – related memory and learning skills.. Researchers worked with 30 elderly subjects: 15 healthy adults and 15 with MCI. Magnetic resonance imaging was the brain activity in the two groups 6 weeks prior to memory training, analyze one week before the training and one week after training.


These findings open countless new avenues of research , including the possibility of improving the plasticity of affected areas of the brain, and slowing the decline in plasticity through pharmacological means or lifestyle changes, so patients with symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease for several enjoy free years.. The hypothesis behind this research was that certain cells may traditionally involved in other processes in the brain take over temporarily by a simple memory training program not not personally affected.Researchers be in the of oral discussions of Using the Wireless body network and interactive multi on physical activity for children, and between between obesity and type 2 diabetic to participate.

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