Said Monika Fleshner.

. This is the first evidence that the gut microorganisms role in innate role in innate immunological stress responses, said Monika Fleshner, Professor of Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado ,, Boulder The study shows the dynamic interactions between multiple physiological systems including the intestinal flora and the immune system. .

I have intestinal bacteria to cause diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease have been linked, and even ,, a future goal of the study, to determine whether changes in gut bacteria of the reason why these tend diseases to be worse in times of pressure. On. American College of Allergy.The research hope that its new knowledge on how to probiotic and intestine germs interact be eventually allow the development of new probiotic therapies that be tailored to people with different conditions and different metabolic makeups Sunil Kochhar , a. Other author? of study from Nestl Research Center, known asUnderstanding changes in molecular events has caused from the so-called friendly bacteria in which host metabolism is an important prerequisite in our efforts to the for customization to create nutritional solutions of maintaining and / and improvement in our public health & wellness in the individual level. Results of this study are promising.

Understanding what to understand what the changes would they it imply in relation to the overall health of , but we have noted that the implementation by ‘friendly’bacteria can modify the dynamics the whole population by microbes in the intestines ‘he said.

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