Serving the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Nationwide Designated Translational Research Center in National Clinical CF Foundation Trials NetworkNationwide Children’s Hospital has been chosen to be one of 13 special translational research centers of 77 of 77 testing centers that are part of the Therapeutics Development Network , serving the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

We congratulate Nationwide Children to join a network of leading clinical institutions These centers cystic fibrosis drugs help more quickly from the research and testing stage into the hands of patients they need .

The specific gene that was investigated in this study is SynCAM1, In addition glial cells – a type of cell involved in the central nervous system in cellular communication. The researchers found that mice that were hyperactive a dominant / negative form of the gene.The main objective of this study, which are in collaboration with University of California at San Diego and from Stanford University carried out some aspects gastropods locomotion be characterized why reacting to a question: what extent they the physical properties of her mucus to to search forwards? That question is basically during application of the tested mechanism to establish the biomimetic robotic. ‘The goal of robot be to be able to to drift in each liquid mucilage without having wear his own replacement of mucus along,’explained one author on the study, Mr Javier Rodr? emphasized Professor UC3M Department of Thermal Engineering and fluid. ‘Remember,’he said, ‘to auger mucous has a special performance because it be a special type out of fluid with complex physical characteristics of as non-Newtonian fluid.

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