Silver is an old problem.

‘silver is an old problem, and nanosilver is a new challenge, the scope of the new challenge is not yet. Clear because it is uncertain how much nanosilver is now in in commercial and consumer products, and because new applications are being discovered probably in the future, ‘Clarence Davies, a PEN consultant senior and a. Former EPA policy official ‘Regardless of the scope of the nanosilver problem, it underlines the need for more risk research and new approaches to oversight with new technologies and with new technologies and problems of the new century. In 2007.

100,000 nanometers wide in 2007, the global market for nanotechnology-based products amounted to $ 147,000 Lux Research projects that figure in 2015 to $ 3.1 trillion.

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The study analyzes the application of by Medidur FA for the treatment of of diabetic macular edema carried of our license partners Alimera Sciences done. MedidurTM FA will be marketed under the name IluvienTM.. Global drug delivery company that pSivida Corp. today announced to monitoring of for the inspection is completed of safety and effectiveness of currently available information, an independent Data Safety Board has again recommended that the two pivotal Phase III clinical trials , which together known to as a FAMEs trial below the current logging continuing without changes.