The audit assessed documentation three times: read more.

The Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute in Liverpool conducted an audit of clinical support of the Royal College of Physicians Effectiveness and Evaluation Unit . Marie Curie Cancer Care and the Department of Health End of Life Care Programme jointly funded the testing read more . He analyzed data from 2672 patients from 118 hospitals in England more than 3 months from 1 September to 31 November 2006. The hospitals participating in the test were deal with the Liverpool Care Pathway for the dying patient for patients in the dying phase. The audit assessed documentation three times:.

More than half all deaths in England occur in hospitals, to keep as high quality personal care and is important for the patient dignity in dying. This includes adequate control of symptoms, pain, and a comprehensive understanding of the patients and caregivers of the dying processes and procedures after death. The objective of the audit was the care of the dying in hospitals against the standards of the Liverpool Care Pathway for the Dying from NICE and the Department of Health recommends measure. The LCP provides a framework of best practices for the care of the dying, clinical decision making, documentation and provision of care support. Since this is the first national examination, the individual hospital be made not be made public.

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