The Company s Board of Directors comprises Dalia Kleiman.

Itamar Raz, MD, former chairman the Israeli Diabetes Association and a world – diabetes experts from the medical center of ‘Hadassah ‘in Jerusalem, Peter Sheehan. Head of the Clinical Department at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, USA , and Dr. Harold Brem, Director of the Wound Healing at Columbia University.. The Company ‘s Board of Directors comprises Dalia Kleiman, a CPA and CFO of an international diamond company, Gil Bianco, former CEO of Agis, Francis Shalit, Director of Business Development at the Bar-Ilan University and Freddi Shaviv, former CEO Chemagis.

Our reports provide fact-based news research and discoveries from around the world. Copyright 2015, LLC – For further information about this SEC filing – contain Keywords for this news article : Pharmaceutical Companies, pharmaceutical preparations, SEC Filing, Catalent Pharma Solutions Inc.The Arabization of of education systems to man on Sudan, a Christian mainly Christian and indigenous beliefs are alienated. Interview 2002-2004 on Breidlid and his team of researchers conducted grasp the depths of southern resentments. Recently[ the authorities in Khartoum] said that she imposing Islamic education us no concessions to no concessions to Christen, one interviewee. I told them if they do, the reason the war broke the south is. You do that this communion do not part of the Muslim communities, we will to have rights. Bitterfeld We are talk to them. To our right to practice our Christian faith, I told them: ‘.

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