The rates of antidepressant treatment unchanged for children and adolescents with major depression.

In contrast, the rates of antidepressant treatment unchanged for children and adolescents with major depression. Trends in prescribing of antidepressants were approximately the same for children and adolescents .

Explained NLN president Dr. Joyce Murray, Certification in any field is a recognized mark of professionalism and academic nurse educators the opportunity to have their knowledge, skill and ability, recognized and rewarded .

Before and after the warning received about 80 % of children and adolescents a kind of treatment antidepressants, psychotherapy or both, within six months after being diagnosed with depression.. Editors and reporters.: For interview requests ways to obtain a copy the scope of practice for academic nurse educators, or for more information, please contact NLN communications director Karen R. Klestzick at 212-812-0376.

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