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HHS is considering a rule outlining compliance have criticized laws which include several members and stakeholders as an attempt to contraceptives in its definition of abortion (Freking, AP / Las Vegas Sun, Leavitt said he asked for the rules to the letter from the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American College of obstetricians and Gynecologists March on group certification requirements that Leavitt wrote ‘potentially violates a doctor the right to choose whether he or she will be collected abortions. ‘.. HHS Secretary Leavitt posts blog entry says he will draft regulation be rewrittenHHS Secretary Mike Leavitt in a Thursday entry on his professional blog said that he wants to draft HHS rewritten participate deny rules with a narrow focus on such health personnel in procedures that they find objectionable, the Wall Street Journal reports (Simon, Wall Street Journal, AP AP / Las Vegas Sun, discrimination federal law bars organizations against providers perform to perform abortions.

An ‘early draft of the regulations found its way into public circulation before it had reached my review, ‘and added that the draft ‘words that some lead to the conclusion, my intention is with the subject of with the subject of contraceptives contained somehow they define abortion as not true, ‘Leavitt wrote: ‘. The Bush administration has consistently supported the unborn however, the question that I asked to be addressed in this Regulation no abortion or contraception, but the right to have their physicians some some, and the patients should be able to choose a doctor who has beliefs like his or her ‘..Zebrafish are often used by neuroscientists for mechanisms to research the behavior and treated in search for novel compounds on behavioral problems disease such as addiction, attention disorders and autistic This study adds to another weight on the argument on to use. Zebra fish in the research of these diseases and conditions.

The scientists took 15 the zebrafish through a set of experiments with color choice be tested aspects of behavior of associated to psychiatric disorders.

The study, published online published in the journal Behavioural Brain Research thought zebra fish can be response in response to different situations. Caroline Brennan, by the Queen Mary School for Biological and Chemical Sciences in, who led the study, said: ‘the zebrafish is one of the most most useful animal models for studying the development of genetic mechanisms many psychiatric disorders, she raise productive and we who many new and exciting techniques explore explore to their genetic make-up laboratory to allow ‘.