They wanted to be sure that the receptor has a role in the control of appetite.

They wanted to be sure that the receptor has a role in the control of appetite, plays it injected one GPR17 activator unmodified mice. Appetite become greater on the other side, however, when the mice were given a GPR17 was was opposite decreased appetite If they. Injects the fox01-deficient mice, there was no effect.

Main author Hongxia Ren, said:. – ‘mice. Ate less and were leaner than normal mice addition, the fox01-deficient mice had better balance and glucose leptin and insulin sensitivity – all the signs. A healthier metabolism. ‘.Separate groups of young male and female are tested. Twenty-five women participated in of a degree. The median age was 23 The group of men consisting of 26 males having average age of 20 years. All participants will sound, active persons who were not athletes even had settled – normally exercise for 30 and 60 minutes day.

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