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Since emerging in April 2009, the virus has the lives of at least 18,500 people worldwide claimed, according to the WHO, the Canadian Press reports (08 Chan admits she is curious phase to the post – pandemic move, so that the agency analyze what happened, and can concentrate incorporating the knowledge gained into plans for future pandemics, said the Canadian Press writes.This were for almost two decades has a new organism been Unidentified of this group, most were in the early and middle twentieth Centuries detected.

It has and evaluation samples of humans, different animal and environment the study area than they scans the spring of the pathogens. – ‘This project is as a great mystery novel, because there is so lot we will do not yet know, but let will find out,’Alexander said.

Kathleen Alexanderplatz, associate professor of animals in Virginia Tech’s College of Natural Resources and Environment and has a new tuberculosis discovers species in of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex, a group of infectious agents, who adapted through using mammals host.

Alexanderplatz discovered that banded mongooses – a species common in central and eastern Africa – that are lives closely people in northern Botswana and are die from a mysterious, tuberculosis-like disease.