This work was funded by a grant from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research.

###This work was funded by a grant from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research , the MUHC and McGill University, Saleh.The Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre is a world – renowned biomedical and health hospital research. Located in Montreal, the Institute’s research arm of the MUHC, a university health center with the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University is affiliated. The institute supports over 500 researchers, nearly 1000 runs doctoral and post – doctoral students and more than 300 laboratories devoted to a broad spectrum of fundamental and clinical research. The Research Institute operates at the forefront of knowledge, innovation and technology and is inextricably linked to.

The McGill University Health Centre is a comprehensive academic health institution with an international reputation for excellence in clinical programs, research and teaching , the MUHC is a affiliated merger of five teaching hospitals of the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University. The Montreal Children’s, Montreal General, Royal Victoria, and Montreal Neurological Hospitals, as well as the Montreal Chest Institute Building on the tradition of medical leadership of the founding hospitals, the goal of the MUHC patient care based on the most advanced knowledge in the health care field provide help and contribute to the development of new knowledge.2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation. All Rights Reserved part.. Said, investigated practices to withhold pregnant woman detainees throughout the work.

The New York Times on Tuesday analyzed the practice of many states to restrain pregnant detainees during labor. According to a releases report, Amnesty International USA on Wednesday, 23 was state fixes department and to the Federal Bureau of Prisons currently policy enforcement that may be prevented get pregnant inmates throughout the work. Some Edit officials say the objective such policy is to reliability safety of personnel by of the health of women and child. After a the 1999 regular report by the Department of Justice, about 5 percent population of female prisoners have pregnant when entering jail.