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A life threatening TYVASO inhalation solution for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertensionUnited Therapeutics TYVASO plans in conjunction with its wholly owned subsidiary, Lung Rx, start, in the United States at the beginning of September 2009.About TYVASOTYVASO an inhaled drug for PAH, a life-threatening disease that constricts the flow of blood through the pulmonary vasculature is to be treated. TYVASO contains the same active ingredient as Remodulin Injection, which is also approved for the treatment of PAH..The Glasgow BioMed project, Scottish Enterprise Glasgow Scottish Enterprise Glasgow , aims to promote research and facilitating clinical studies in the city. It will to win the commercial to Glasgow and a one-stop -shop for the clinical expertise.

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Andy Kerr MSP, Secretary of Health and Community Care being on on the Glasgow Biomedical, a groundbreaking initiative to health and economics Scotland the nineteenth To launch to increase April 2005, Wolfson Medical School Building, University of Glasgow in. The joint the NHS Greater Glasgow and the University of Glasgow projects ‘Glasgow Biomedicine ‘being part of medical in Glasgow, to create a unique collaboration with the objective of of promoting and Glasgow an international center of medical excellence.. Glasgow have become a world-class center of active substance development and cutter clinical trials. The initiative will be not just the people of Glasgow access to revolution therapy for many diseases are is be also a large pharmaceuticals and biotechnology company and provides a number of highly skilled jobs to Scotland.