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The poll surveyed 600 likely 2008 general election voters in these four states were interviewed (fault tolerance+-4, A summary of the survey results is attached.The time the first survey, 6 % of all soldiers involved in criteria for probable PTSD That rate grew to 18.2 % at the time A second survey. 22 % and PTSD symptoms between the two surveys It was the same to those says that concussion to the first questioning and those did not. Reporting of PTSD the time the survey concentrated a strongly predicted post-deployment symptoms of, including memory and balance problems, hard and irritable.

‘These results and the two times the increase in reports of use in connection with a concussion / MTBI history of have important implications for early detection and treatment. ‘. Acta Psychiatr. Two thousand and eleven, 68[1]:79-89.. The installment of the reported concussion at the date the first questioning was 9.2 per cent and grew to 22 % of at second survey. From those of reporting concussed on the first survey, 30.2 % had is likely PTSD at the time of second survey. Addition which 22 per cent, concussion in the second survey reported to 4 % had probably also, PTSD at that time. Military with a history the notified concussion of the brain were also rather Reports postal – concussive symptoms after the provision, but adjusted PTSD symptoms, been non the association of between these symptoms and a concussion significantly.